The Metal Barn

1929 Farmall Tractor

This metal barn, ca. 1940, is used today as storage.   For safety reasons please stay outside the barn.

Cowboys and horses next to the gray barn

Josh and Josie June Hoy by the metal barn during a summer event at Pioneer Bluffs.

1929 Farmall tractor

A young visitor sits on the 1929 Farmall tractor

1929 Farmall tractor

The iconic ca. 1936 photo showing a 1929 Farmall tractor at work in front of our barn has been on display at the ranch since, well 1936. Nearly every visitor has seen it. Dave Webb of Stilwell, Kansas, an auctioneer and past Pioneer Bluffs Board member, had seen the picture and appreciated the history of this workhorse. When he realized he had a near-identical 1929 Farmall on the auction block in 2010, he purchased it as a gift to Pioneer Bluffs.

For several years, volunteer Charley Klamm of Cottonwood Falls kept our Farmall maintained and running.