Pioneer Bluffs Self-Guided Tour: A Walk Through History

“My memories are good memories, for I have a good home. Love has always existed there. Love, respect, and consideration for one another — for the casual visitor — and for the old friend alike.” – Memories of Irene Rogler Palenske

Tour introduction…

Welcome to Pioneer Bluffs.  It’s good to have  you here.

For those visiting the grounds in person, as you explore you will encounter small signs with black & white patterned “QR codes” printed on them.  Cameras on smart phones or tablets can be used to “scan” these codes.  Once decoded, your phone will link you to information about the area before you.  You will find a mix of history, photos, old family movies and some information about ranching life.

You may also, if you wish, use the thumbnails below to open those resources.

Thank you for visiting Pioneer Bluffs.